Serbia ethno village Babina Reka

Ethno village Babina Reka is located just 50 km from Belgrade in the nearby town Aranđelovac. From Belgrade take a high way to Niš and after 30 minutes exit Aranđelovac, after 20 to 30 minutes you will be at this beautiful ethno retreat in Serbia.  This ethno village covers area of one hectare it is open in year 2010 and it is a great place to go on a weekend or just to have lunch. The Babina Reka located on the very end of village Trbušnica, because of this peace and serenity in this place is inevitable. The surroundings of Babina Reka is gorgeous. Hills, forest, mountain streams and just 50 meter away from main complex there are big lake. The venue is beautiful, very quiet and romantic. There are lots of options what can be done: swim in the pool, use playground, go to fishing in the lake, and have a walk.

Restaurant has 130 seating places and view from restaurant is enchanting. While one side of restaurant looking on mountain and the forest.  The other side looking at the courtyard with a stone walls, wooden sculptures and beautiful fountain. Interior is quite something, open hearthstone during winter making unforgettable atmosphere.

Kopaonik apartman izdavanje

From this ethno village it relatively easy to visit: Aranđelovac, Oplenac and the nearby cave Risovača. In Aranđelovac you can enjoy in Bukovčka wellness and spa, there are also big park where you can take endless walks. Big aqua park also exist in Aranđelovac so you can enjoy and have fun in the pool. The Aranđelovac municipality area also bears historical importance. First Serbian Uprising against the Turks in 1804 started in the village of Orašac (6 km from the town). A complex in Marićevića Jaruga in Orašac memorizes the location where the rebellion started. February 15, the day of uprising, is celebrated as the day the modern Serbian state is founded. In Orašac you can find interesting taverns with natural and domestic food.

Creative Commons – image, by Olja Simović /