Is it safe to go to Serbia?

All in all, Serbia is a safe country. Majority of tourists who came to Serbia go to Belgrade or Novi Sad. So when we are speaking about safety we will have in mind big towns. Like any other country if you respect ways how locals doing things you will have no problem, and you will see Serbians as one of the friendliest people in Europe. Tourist areas in Serbia in big towns are especially safe (e.g. historical areas and downtown in Belgrade and Novi Sad…).

Serbia has a lot of monasteries and churches that are one of the top tourist attractions. Inside these areas should not worry about safety. Those are places of peace and quietness.

Pronađite najpovoljniji smeštaj

Ethno villages are one more place where you will be extremely safe. Food is great, brandy is perfect and there no thieves.

Festivals in Serbia

There are different types of festivals in Serbia. Most famous festival is the Exit festival in Novi Sad, also there are Guča, Belgrade Beer Fest… Those are a music festival with a lot of people drunk and on drugs but they are generally safe because of a lot of policemen (with no uniform) mingle with a crowd. Other festivals are completely safe except for pickpocketing.

Things to take care

  • Taxi drivers – there are illegal taxi drivers, especially in Belgrade, try to avoid them by calling taxi services. You can recognize an illegal taxi driver by the registration plate. The plate for legal taxi drivers should end with “TX”. Never except a standard fee but always request taximeter to be turned on!
  • Police in Serbia – the majority of police officers do not speak Englis language, have this in mind when you call for help. If you really need help go to the nearest police station.
  • Football firms – Belgrade is home of two main football club in Serbia: Red Start and Partizan. They have a large number of fans. Avoid the areas around basketball and football stadiums during the games.
  • Pickpocketing – like any other big town there are thieves in Serbia. Take care of your belongings. Be especially careful when you entering public transport.
  • Mafia – Serbia has its own problems with mafia but you do not mingle and go to suspicious places you will not have problems
  • Local laws – have in mind that while you in Serbia local laws are something that you should follow.
  • Kosovo – Serbia has a dispute with Kosovo. Avoid going to this part of the country.

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