Is Serbia an Arab country?

The short answer to this question, is Serbia an Arab country, is NO. But there are some similarities that amplified and raise this question. The most similarities that Serbia has with some Arab country is with Sirya.

Serbia vs Sirya

For the people who know both countries, there are no real similarities.

TO Raška, destinacija Raška


[tr][th]Serbia[/th] [th]Sirya[/th][/tr]

[tr][td]Slavic country[/td] [td]Arab country[/td][/tr]

[tr][td]Orthodox christianity[/td] [td]Muslim country[/td][/tr]

[tr][td]Europe – Balkan[/td] [td]Middle East[/td][/tr]


But for someone who doesn’t know too much about this part of the world (Balkan, Middle East) there can be a lot of similarities.

First, there is a name. Serbia – Sirya, when you pronounce, especially if English is not mother thong, could sound quite similar…

Second, Serbia and Sirya had a civil war. In Serbia, it is finished before a couple of decades and in Sirya it is an ongoing thing. Even those wars had its similarities. Russia was supporting Serbia and currently supporting Siria, on some level it is possible to put the sign of equality between Kurds and Kosovo Albanians…

Relations Arabs and Serbia

Currently, Serbia doesn’t have to mutch important bilateral relations with any Aran country. Echo of the past, when Serbia was part of great Yugoslavia, is still present and shaping current relations. In the hearts and minds of some (older :)) people from Serbia and Arab countries, this idea from the past is live and still identify relations. Those relations from the 80th of the past century was extremely downgraded during the civil war Serbia (Muslim vs Christians). But in the current days, these relationships going up again.

During the migration crisis from the Middle East people from Serbia was action as real people trying to help migrants who are passing thru Serbia. Here is an example of Serbian police vs. Arab refugee children. Not too many countries can say that they had such relations with refugee…

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    Morocco is a North-African Arab country, however it has heavy influence from Europe (mostly from France and Spain, although Morocco has placed influenced on Europe as well, mostly Spain). Morocco even considers itself a European type country, as it has tried to join the European Union with this argument. Read More

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